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CD2H Labs Innovate. Create. Distribute.

Welcome to CD2H Labs! This is where the National Center for Data to Health (CD2H) publishes projects that are currently in development. Our purpose is to provide the community with early access so everyone can experiment with our tools and contribute valuable insights about their design.

CD2H resources and activities relating to COVID-19 can be found at

Current Prototypes from our Teams and our Collaborators:
CD2H Project Map:

Click on any of the cores or projects to navigate to their respective GitHub pages.

resource-discovery informatics-maturity next-gen-data-sharing tools-cloud-infrastructure scits-platform InvenioRDM edu-harmonization architecting_attribution CTS-Personas maturity-model governance-pathways rdp-portal data-harmonization HOT-FHIR ehr2HPO.prj cloud-sharing leaf-edw DREAM-Challenge competitions-project

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We are currently implementing features to allow the community to directly comment on each individual tool.