Name: gfe-db

Owner: NMDP/Be The Match Bioinformatics Research

Description: Graph database representing IPD-IMGT/HLA sequence data as GFE

Created: 2017-04-10 19:25:55.0

Updated: 2017-07-10 20:19:05.0

Pushed: 2017-04-14 19:50:04.0

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Size: 21

Language: Perl

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Graph database representing IPD-IMGT/HLA sequence data as GFE


The easiest way to get the service running locally, is to pull an image containing the service from docker hub. Running the following command will pull the latest GFE service image from docker hub. The image on docker hub is built from the Dockerfile in the docker directory in the github repository. Every new commit to the nmdp-bioinformatics/service-gfe-submission repository triggers a new build of the docker image on docker hub.

er pull nmdpbioinformatics/gfe-db:0.0.3260-hlai
er run -d --name gfe-db -p 7474:7474 nmdpbioinformatics/gfe-db:0.0.3260-hlai

The -d flag runs the service in “detached-mode” in the background and -p specifies what ports to expose. Make sure the ports you expose are not already in use. If the docker container is successfuly executed then typing docker ps -a will show a new container labeled service-gfe-submission running.

Click here for more information on the publically available docker image.

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