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DaSH 7 Utrecht

DaSH 7 Utrecht

To focus activity at this event we have produced a list of topics, and will form teams around some of them, depending on what people want to work on. Each team should produce code collaboratively and have a functional demo at the end of the event.

  1. Modeling peptide processing and presentation pathways (NetChop/Chipper, NetMHC), NeoAntigen Prediction, Whole Genome Sequence Analysis
  2. HL7-FHIR (HML==> FHIR bundles), FHIR Clinical Genomics, Sync for Genes
  3. IHIWS follow up (GFE, ACT, KIR, Whole Gene HLA and KIR Analysis)
  4. Analysis of Primate MHC data using 17th IHIWS Informatics tools
  5. Haplotype Frequency Curation

As usual, there will be an informal meal the evening before the meeting. We will eat at De Zwarte Vosch (http://www.dezwartevosch.nl/) on Sunday 12th November. The meeting will take place at ?In de Ruimte? (http://www.inderuimte.org/), on Oudegracht 230, Utrecht. As usual, it will be two days of working, Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th, with lunch and dinner provided. The meeting closes at 4pm on Tuesday, with a dinner for those people staying on. This meeting is timed to allow people to move directly to the HL7-FHIR developer days, taking place in Amsterdam, November 15th to 17th. Please contact Michael Wright for more information: mwright@nmdp.org

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