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Description: ? A list of awesome applications, softwares, tools and other materials for Linux distros.

Created: Aug 23, 2017

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

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Awesome Linux Software



? This repo is a collection of AWESOME Linux applications and tools for any users/developers.
? Feel free to contribute / star / fork / pull request . Any recommendations and suggestions are welcomed.

Update: This repo has been published on Gitbook. You can share this link to new users since they may find it friendlier to read than github. Download as a pdf here.

Acknowledgement: Everything written below is from my own experience in college and after reading various materials. I am neither a professional nor expert, but a student who has great passion. Anyone can open a discussion in the issue section, or a pull request in case something should be modified or added. If you consider my work valuable, a donation is much appreciated.

Two Chinese version of this list are available here and here(already updated lately).

Table of Contents

Chat Clients
Data Backup and Recovery
Desktop customization
E-Book Utilities
File Manager

Warning: This game list may be outdated. Games inside store like Steam are also not included on this list.

Sharing Files
Command Line Utilities
Desktop Environments
Display manager
Window Managers
Stacking window managers
Tiling window managers
Dynamic window managers
Arch Linux
Other distros

To be added later

Discussion Forums
Arch Linux Forums
CentOS Forums
Ubuntu Forums
openSUSE Forums
IRC channels
Linux News, Apps, and more ….
Learn Linux
Linux Hacking/Development

List of contributors :

  1. Me (LuongVo)

  2. anewuser

  3. nathanmusoke

  4. bpearson

  5. orestisf1993

  6. lasseborly

  7. sebasspf

  8. buivnhai

  9. ankurk91

  10. mAzurkovic

  11. bocklund

  12. grebenschikov

  13. fareez-ahamed

  14. MichaelAquilina

  15. Wamadahama

  16. Alasin

  17. LYF610400210

  18. willmtemple for a more correct repo name.

  19. jakub-olczyk

  20. shakib609

  21. talisk

  22. smdrz

  23. bishoyh

  24. Voicu

  25. ryandaniels

  26. mame98

  27. Kastmeski

  28. johnjago

  29. shuliandre

  30. stelariusinfinitek

  31. tnga

  32. hg8

  33. 0xE8551CCB

  34. alim0x

  35. Spacebody

  36. AyoIsaiah

  37. sajattack

  38. Everyone @ & & for many suggestions and compliments

    (The list above is updated on 10th January 2017)

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Guideline to contribute

Simply put the name of the application in the list. Link to its homepage or a guide on how to install it. Also write a short description for the application + add icon. Make sure it is put under the appropriate topic. If the application doesn't fit in any existing topic, make a new one for it. Ensure everything is alphabetically sorted.

Items marked with Open-Source Software are open-source software and link to the source code. Items marked with Freeware are free (as in free beer).

Author's note: Recently, I received feedbacks from you about the quality of some applications on this list. I myself tested them out a lot (not all of them, though). If you have any problems with the apps, please: -> head to the dev page (if available) -> make an issue for the dev there -> make an issue here so that I can consider whether I should get the app out of the list. Remember : Everything has its own quality, so there will never be anything like “best app” or “selective list” here, thank you.


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