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vivo-isf-ontology (openrif)

The "VIVO-ISF Ontology" is an OWL2 representation of the VIVO-ISF Data Standard

leaf-edw (data2health)

Open Source Clinical Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Data Browser (Leaf)

contributor-role-ontology (data2health)

This ontology provides contribution roles for use in crediting persons or organizations.

CTS-Personas (data2health)

Translational workforce roles and persona profiles

hot-fhir-projects (data2health)

Overarching repo for hot-fhir projects.

architecting_attribution (data2health)

This project aims to provide a mechanism to track and provide attribution.

InvenioRDM (data2health)

InvenioRDM: an interdisciplinary open research repository

credit-ontology (data2health)

An OWL implementation of CRediT; a high-level classification of the diverse roles performed in the work leading to a published research output in the sciences. Its purpose to provide transparency in contributions to scholarly published work, to enable improved systems of attribution, credit, and accountability.

ehr2HPO.prj (data2health)

Conversion of EHR data (such as LOINC) to HPO codes

DREAM-Challenge (data2health)

EHR DREAM Challenge

clinical-adaptor (data2health)

Use the FHIR Resource model to enhance the existing CDMH infrastructure for the collection of Real World Data (RWD) from EHR for line level STDM data submission to FDA

edu-harmonization (data2health)

Educational resource and competency harmonization project

scits-platform (data2health)

Science of translational science research platform

schemas (data2health)

Hosting CD2H data schemas in standard

repository-and-index-software (data2health)

This is a list of repositories, repository frameworks, and data catalogs. It focuses on technical architecture, how metadata is handled and what standards are used, and what next-generation repository features (if any) are implemented.

server (hot-fhir)

Baseline terminology server image for Healthcare Open Terminology FHIR (HOT-FHIR) Server

reusable-data-best-practices (data2health)

A collaborative guidebook for reusable data best practices

admin (data2health)

CD2H Administration Core

tools-cloud-infrastructure (data2health)

CD2H Tools and Cloud Infrastructure Core

rdp-portal (data2health)

CD2H project: Reusable Data best practice portal (BioDataClubKit)

A co-learning data science meetup initiative

serviceMapper (data2health)

A small utility web application used to capture CTSA hub service descriptions and align them with one or more CD2H service taxonomies.

data-quality (data2health)

Data Quality Methods and Tools to Support CTSA Hub Data Sharing

Cloud-Tool-Architecture (data2health)

This project is in the Tool & Cloud Infrastructure

CD2HTagLib (data2health)

CD2H-specific utility library (primarily for Labs, RPPR, etc.)

ORCiDTagLib (data2health)

Utilities for managing local ORCiD cache

resource-discovery (data2health)

CD2H Resource Discovery Core

LuceneTagLib (eichmann)

JSP tag library supporting access to Lucene indices.

ClinicalTrialsTagLib (data2health)

JSP tag library supporting access to data

roadmap (data2health)

Start here to explore the projects and repositories of the Center for Data to Health

CD2H-analytics (data2health)

Labs demonstration app regarding various aspects of CD2H (personnel, current projects, etc.)

cd2h-theme (data2health)

WordPress theme for CD2H website; tickets for the website should be in website repo

informatics-maturity (data2health)

CD2H Informatics Maturity and Best Practices Core

data-harmonization (data2health)

Supporting multi-center research requires combining data created in different data models; this community coordination project aims to provide an data model adaptor for CTSA hubs.

CD2H-driveTagLib (data2health)

Java library supporting integration access for the CD2H Google Drive hierarchy.

all-hands (data2health)

annual meetings and other resources

JSONTagLib (eichmann)

A JSP tag library supporting access to various JSON constructs as tags. This is currently targeted at the V4 GitHub API.

SPARQLTagLib (data2health)

A JSP tag library providing functionality roughly equivalent to the JSTL SQL tag set, just for a triple store.

cd2h-labs (data2health)

Demonstration web site for the Center for Data to Health and its collaborators

governance-pathways (data2health)

CTSA Data Sharing Governance Pathways Project

maturity-model (data2health)

Research Informatics and open science maturity model

competitions (NUARIG)

Competitions is a platform to support robust peer review within and across CTSA hubs. This is a cloud-based, single-sign on application for investigators, reviewers and administrators. With Competitions, you can post opportunities, submit applications and review and score those submissions

website (data2health)

Issues related to the CD2H website (

SPARQLTagLib (eichmann)

A JSP tag library providing functionality roughly equivalent to the JSTL SQL tag set, just for a triple store.

competitions-project (data2health)

Competitions is an open source tool to run NIH-style peer review of competitions, pilot projects, and research proposals in a cloud-based consortium-wide single sign-on platform.

mtip-tutorial (data2health)

Managing Translational Informatics Projects Tutorial

research-outputs-ontology (data2health)

This ontology provides scholarly research outputs, for use in crediting persons or organizations.

next-gen-data-sharing (data2health)

CD2H Next Generation Data Sharing and Analytics Core

CLICTagLib (data2health)

Harvesting and integration bridge between CD2H and CLIC

AcknowledgementsTagLib (data2health)


acknowledgments (data2health)

An application supporting search and browsing of the acknowledgment sections of PubMed Central papers.

cd2h-scits (data2health)

Science of Translational Science platform

project-repo-template (data2health)

template for project repositories

This work is supported by the National Institutes of Health's National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, Grant Number U24TR002306. This work is solely the responsibility of the creators and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.